10 New Travel Workout Routines To Do If You Want Results Fast

10 New Travel Workout Routines To Do If You Want Results Fast

10 New Travel Workout Routines To Do If You Want Results Fast

For some people, the last thing they want to think about whilst travelling is the need to work out and get in shape. For others, working out whilst travelling is fun, interesting, and a great activity to do in faraway lands. Let’s hope you’re the latter.

If you do feel inclined to try and get fitness results whilst on the move, we’ve collected and put together 10 new travel workout routines that you can adapt to your busy travel schedule.

No Weights Workout

No weights? No problem!Use your own bodyweight to help build muscle and lose fat.

1. 100 Burpees.

A burpee is a push-up to a squat to an explosive jump to a squat and back to a push-up again.

2. The 100 Club.

5 rounds of 20 push-ups, 20 sit-ups, 20 squats.

3. The Countdown.

Decreasing reps from 10 down to 1, do burpees, push-ups, and jumping squats.

4. Cardio.

Go for a run, rent a bike, hike, go swim in the ocean, or do lengths in a local pool.

5. Living Room Burst.

Try this intense 24-minute killer workout.

Travelling weights and equipment?

You might have some extra space in your luggage, if so, here are some great things to bring with you on your next trip:

6. Water weights.

Sometimes known as AquaBells, these water dumbbells are refillable, so you can pack them in your bag when they’re empty and fill them up when you want to work out. Do any dumbbell session as normal. Here’s an example.

7. Skipping Rope.

If you want results, you have to be intense. Follow each of these 45-second exercises with a 15-second rest. Crisscross jump, backwards jump, alternate foot criss-cross, mummy kicks, and double under. Rest for 2 minutes after these five sets. Repeat the whole thing 5 times. Total workout: 35 minutes.

8. Yoga Mat.

For fast results, try this HIIT yoga mat exercise.

Can you do a hotel room workout with no equipment?

There are LOADS of things you can do without a gym and gym equipment.

9. No Excuses Full Body Workout.

You can do all of these exercises in your hotel room, no excuses. Plank. Wall sit. Single leg squat. Superman. Chair dip. Standing calf raises. Squats. Push-ups. Sit-ups. Burpees. Try this one for size.

Can you maintain strength training while travelling?

Travelling makes your wiser and cultured, but does it make you stronger? Perhaps…

10. Don’t Sacrifice Your Strength.

This epic guide to all of the different ways of strength training while travelling is a great starting point.

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