5 pieces of gym equipment to carry when you travel


5 pieces of gym equipment to carry when you travel

Once you feel how doing exercise is already a part of your daily routine, it’s pretty hard to think of going on vacation and taking a break from that. Although overeating on vacation is inevitable with all the local, traditional foods, staying healthy on the road can no longer be a struggle when you have all the necessary gym equipment pieces packed up.

Of course, you can’t pack the whole gym bag when going on a trip, but luckily, we’ve made a list of the essential five pieces of gym equipment to carry when you travel.


There’s no doubt that one should never exercise in flip-flops and that’s why it’s a must that you pack your sneakers if you plan working out during your trip. You could easily carry some running trainers (which, by the way, are usually not heavy at all) in a shoe locker so that you’ll keep your other things clean.


Swimming is probably the easiest and most fun way to work out when you’re on vacation. Either you’re doing some laps in the hotel pool or you choose to body surf in the ocean, they’re both refreshing manners to burn some extra few calories. However, never forget to pack your swimsuit in a waterproof pouch or packing organizer.

Jumping rope

Are you looking for some exercise that can be done everywhere? You just need to pack your jump rope. This exercise burns 10-16 calories per minute and is one of the most effective cardio activities. You can work out in your hotel room as well as outside and thanks to Squat, you can also look for the closest gym and go there to do it!

Exercise matt

Although this is the bulkiest of all gym equipment pieces and you need a lot of space to pack it, it is really useful for warm-ups and cool-downs. You can also use it for body weight exercises requiring you to get down on the floor.

Resistance bands

Packing two or three resistance bands gives you a variety of exercises to do, from squats to pushups to stretches across your chest. You should know that there are entire workout routines that require resistance bands and allow you to work out every part of your body, so when you’re packing next time, don’t forget about them.

When packing for a trip, you should not only load your luggage with nutritious snacks but pack the essential gym equipment you need if you plan to add working out to your trip’s itinerary. However, don’t forget that Squat app can help you find gyms close to you wherever you go. Download our app to get started, on Google Play or App Store!

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