5 Quick Tips to Help You Stick To Your Body Transformation Program When Travelling

If you’ve ever been part-way through a fitness plan as part of your body transformation efforts and you’ve had a holiday or some business travel to attend to, you will likely have experienced a huge interruption to your routine. Few people have the willpower and focus to continue their body transformation program ‘down to the letter’ when they are travelling.

However, we’ve put together 5 tips to try and help you do your best:

Tip one – HIIT is your new best travel buddy


If you’re travelling and you’re worried about finding time for fitness, you need an exercise that doesn’t take much time and doesn’t need much in the way of equipment. If that sounds like you, have a look at Bodyweight HIIT, Tabata, Circuit Training, and Crossfit. Some of these high intensity activities can be done outdoors and with no equipment, if that’s what you prefer.

Tip two – Use your travel location as an opportunities


There might be a fun run, a local swimming race, a seasonal boot camp, an obstacle race or any number of events going on in the place you’re travelling to.

So, instead of seeing travel as a blockage in your body transformation program, try to see it as an opportunity to do something new, break your comfort zone, and work some new muscles in the process. You might even make some new friends and learn some new ideas about fitness.

Tip three – If you’re on holiday, walk, run, or cycle


Try to say to no taxis as much as possible. If you have the time and it’s not so hot that you’re going to get burned or do yourself damage, try going everywhere on foot.

You can wear your running shoes and do a mixture of walking, jogging, and sprinting, whatever suits you best. This is a great way to explore your holiday surroundings whilst being healthy. Failing that, get a bike! Most cities have cheap bike rental schemes nowadays…

Tip four – Be concerned about your holiday diet


You wouldn’t be the first to binge abroad! Million of holiday-goers and weekend-trippers alike simply eat every meal in restaurants and end up taking ‘extra luggage’ back home with them.

Break the mould, book accommodation with a kitchen, take advantage of the local supermarkets and make sure you cook in accordance with your fitness plans.

Tip five – Pack your fitness clothing at the top of your bag


If you see it, you can’t ignore it. Pack your trainers, gym shorts and shirt, water bottle, and whatever else you need, right at the top of your bag, then, lay them out on your bed when you arrive.

Just seeing them should help serve as motivation and a reminder that you want to stick to your body transformation program, even when travelling.

Got any more tips? Let us know!

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