9 Workout Motivation Tips That Work Every Time

9 Workout Motivation Tips That Work Every Time

9 Workout Motivation Tips That Work Every Time

‘I’ll go later’
‘Maybe tomorrow’
‘I don’t have the energy today’

Sound familiar? If you struggle to motivate yourself to work out, don’t worry, you’re not the first, and you certainly won’t be the last. Knowing that many of our readers are having motivational problems, we’ve put together out 15 workout motivation tips that work every time. Firstly though…

Determine ‘Why’

You need to get to the root of your motivational problems if you want to solve them. These are the most common reasons why people struggle. Once you’ve defined the problem, you can look to solve it.

Not enough time

Workouts don’t need to be 2 hours long, if you can find 15 minutes a day, it’s a good start. As you begin to see fitness as a bigger priority, you will find ways to make time.

You find exercise boring

Listen to exciting music, podcasts, or audio books while working out, or, get yourself a gym buddy that you enjoy spending time with. Try boot camps or team sports if the fun factor is important to you.

You’re self-conscious while exercising

Buy some clothes that make you feel more confident while you exercise. If you have serious gym anxiety, get out into nature to exercise, or work out at home until you feel more confident.

You’re too tired

Try to find ways to get more sleep so that you feel well rested, and also look at your diet. Are you eating slow-burning healthy foods, or sugary and fatty foods that don’t fuel your engine correctly?

You’re too lazy

Ok, cool, be lazy. While the world moves around you, you can sit and morph into your sofa. Or, you can see why everyone else is running round the park, cycling at the weekend, and making friends in their local gym. Fitness is fun and friendly!

You feel that you can’t

Self-confidence holds people back from a lot of things that they’d like to do, or would be really good at. The truth is, you can. You can. You can! You just have to start somewhere, so take a long walk if you feel that you’re not up to a gym workout.

You tried and failed before

So, try, try, and try again! Sports people lose games all the time, but instead of hanging their head and admitting defeat, they train harder and come back next time with a new plan, and give twice as much to make it happen.

The past is history, the future is a mystery, the present is a gift. Use it wisely.

You can’t afford it

Some gym memberships can be expensive, sure, but who said you need to go to the gym, or health club, or fitness studio? You can work out in your living room, or run around your neighbourhood.

Fear of injury

We hear a lot of people say ‘I lost my motivation to workout’ and when you probe them as to why, they say ‘Ah, well, I got injured, and then…’. Injuries are seriously hurdles to overcome, as you can’t rush them or you will make them worse.

If you are injured, look for alternative fitness options, such as swimming, or yoga.

Mindset change

For these tips to work, you’ll have to open up your mind and embrace change. Good luck!

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