Find Motivation For Exercise and Healthy Eating When Work Travelling

How on Earth do you find motivation for exercise and healthy eating when you’re travelling for work?

With loads of new food options and delicious naughty snacks presented to you as you travel around, where do you find the will power to say no? And after a long day of trying to eat healthy whilst travelling, can you really summon the power for the gym?

Here’s how the pros do it, with 5 tips for diet and 5 tips for fitness


  • Usually you won’t have a kitchen, so you should take some prepared food and healthy snacks (nuts and protein bars) with you.
  • Go to the supermarket as soon as you arrive and spend a bit of time getting the things you need. Whether you have a kitchen or not will impact what you can buy.
  • Always have breakfast! With a long day of business ahead, you need to fuel your body right, so just because you’re away from home don’t miss out on this vital meal.
  • Take a reusable water bottle and a flask. This will stop you from buying fizzy drinks or frothy sugary hot drinks.
  • Commit to eating vegetarian when you do have to eat out, as the veggie meals will often have fewer calories.


  • Plan before you go as to what exercise you’re going to do. It could be running around a city park, swimming in the hotel pool, or using a local gym during your free time.
  • Pack the fitness gear you will need and lay it out on your hotel bed so that you can’t ignore the call for exercise!
  • Either try something absolutely different to your usual routine, or;
  • Find a fitness facility that offers the equipment you need to continue your usual fitness regime
  • Travelling with colleagues? Get them involved! It’s always easier when you have some mutual motivation with a gym buddy.

There we have it

Those tips don’t seem too hard in reality, do they? For most of these pieces of guidance, motivation is not an external influence, but instead something that comes from yourself and how prepared you are willing to be.

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