Fitness Trend Alert: Body Transformation Programs. What Are They?

Body Transformation Programs are courses that are creeping up around the internet and on the lips of personal trainers around the world. Far from a trend, they are concrete plans that guide you from point A to point B with solid advice, expertise, and support.

What might be some typical goals?

Here are some typical end goals for a body transformation program:

  • I will lose 10kg
  • I will fit into my old favourite jeans
  • I will have more energy to play with my kids
  • I will feel good when I look in the mirror
  • I will be stronger
  • I will get my health back on track
  • I will learn not to self-sabotage myself through my diet
  • I will learn about nutrition and healthy eating
  • I will find workouts that work for me so that I don’t dread exercise


What’s the problem with a Body Transformation Program?

The problem that we have with many (but not all) of these plans and courses being shared and sold around the internet is that they’re simply offering numbers that are too big for such a short amount of time.

15kg in 6 weeks? Ouch, that’s unhealthy!

Drop 6 inches in 6 weeks? Are you sure??

Get a 6-pack in 6 days! Come on, get real.

Body transformation is a slow process and it’s something that you need to earn by putting in the hard work, not looking for shortcuts. After browsing some of the online BTPs that we could find, they are all more or less telling you to do the same thing: drop your calories and increase your exercise.

Isn’t that the basic principle of weight loss – eat healthier and exercise more? So why are BTPs offering something new? Because bogus health professionals are claiming that by putting your health at risk with crazy calorie drops, you can get greater rewards.

Fast results, or sustainable results?

If you opt for one of these ‘lose 30lbs in 30 days’ kind of programs, you may achieve the desired result, but they do not offer longevity and sustainability, they offer stress and damage. If you want sustainable results, you’re going to need to start seeing your transformation as a long term process.

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