How long does it really take to get big muscles

Welcome back, Squat readers!

We’re glad you’re here actually as we wanted to quickly debunk some of the myths that we’ve heard about growing muscle really quickly.

Every January when the gym rush happens, a lot of people quickly trail off because they don’t see immediate results, right? So, why have people come to expect that results take just days, weeks or months, instead of years?

Perhaps it’s because of fad fitness promotions promising ‘15 lbs of muscle in just one month’. Perhaps it’s because of terms like ‘muscle confusion’. Perhaps it’s because people think that muscle-growth protein powder is a magical formula.

We’ve heard all sorts of nonsense about muscle building, so do your own research if you hear dubious statements like:

  • Lifting weights makes you bulky not toned
  • You can’t gain muscle and lose fat at the same time
  • You need to work one body part per day

The truth is harder to swallow

Getting big muscles doesn’t happen overnight (sorry to share the bad news), and it doesn’t take weeks either. You might be waiting at least 6 months before you’re noticeably more muscular than when you started working out.

But it’s not that simple

Bone structure, genetics, metabolism, training methods, and diet, all have a huge role to play, and so while one person might gain muscle like it’s nobody’s business, you might still be struggling to flex your biceps.

Some good news

The good news is that year one of attempting to build muscle is when your body is most productive and will allow you to gain more muscle than future years. A chemical called Myostatin is going to slow you down in the future, so use your first year very wisely.

Squat readers – big muscles can take years, so why not enjoy the process, use world-class fitness facilities, and make it more about the journey than the destination.

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