How To get Lean and Toned in 30 Days? This Plan Does it in 14 Days

Uh oh….

Uh oh, if you’ve landed on this page and are excited to find out how to get lean and toned in 14 days, you’ve fallen into the trap of thinking that fitness and aesthetics are something that you can achieve in a tiny amount of time.

Sadly for you, and every other person working away on their fitness goals, the reality is that getting lean and toned can take years, it simply depends on your starting point. If you want to be lean and toned in just 14 days, you’d have to be borderline lean and toned already.

Shortcuts and miracles in fitness should be avoided like the plague.

So, what can you do over the next 14 days?

If getting lean and toned is your objective, you can use the next two weeks to change your approach to life, to fitness, to diet, and more, and whilst you won’t suddenly look like Zac Efron at the end of it, you will notice some internal and external changes. For a successful fitness journey, you’re going to need strong foundations.

Diet and lifestyle changes

Want to look like the lean and toned stars from the magazines, the perfume adverts, and your entire Instagram newsfeed? Sure you do, but to look like them, you’ve got to show their level of commitment.

  • Cut out added sugar
  • Cut out alcohol
  • Cut out carbs like white potato, pasta, and white bread
  • Make a super-lean shopping list before you go to the supermarket
  • Prepare your healthy meals in bulk
  • Take a packed lunch to work
  • Keep a food journal and make an entry for every meal
  • Get yourself a nutrition buddy to hold you accountable

Workout changes

Amble jogs around the park aren’t going to cut it anymore, nor is going into the gym, doing a few sets on random machines and then going home. Get ready for your three new favourite workouts…

  • HIIT Circuit Sessions
  • Cardio Sessions
  • Tabata Sessions

And if you want to look like the babes and studs of Instagram, get ready to workout 6 days a week at full intensity.

14 days?

If you can prove us wrong, send us your 14 day lean and toned results!

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