How to Get Motivated To Workout When Tired After Travelling

How to Get Motivated To Workout When Tired After Travelling?

Taxi, flight, train, bus, twist the key through the lock and collapse on the bed. Travelling can be exhausting. Kick your shoes off, curl up, and get comfy as you read this guide, explaining just how to get motivated to workout when tired after travelling.

We have put together 6 methods that can serve as motivation and inspiration to kick the lethargy.

Get changed into your workout gear

If summoning the energy to drag yourself to the gym is your problem, you need to make the route a whole lot easier. Start by putting on your gym shorts, shirt, and running shoes. Put your earphones in and set it to play a gym playlist. Fill a water bottle and pack your gym bag with a towel and change of clothes. Now, you have everything you need to literally get up and go!

Alarms and calendars

Travelling not only exhausts you, but it disrupts your normal routine, making it harder to remember to exercise. Set daily alarms for your ideal gym time (minus 30 minutes to get prepared). Alternatively, if you know that you go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, use the calendar on your phone to set reminders. We all tend to check our phones too much, so having the reminder on the home screen is a great push.

Get yourself a gym buddy!

Most things in life are better when shared, right? Having a gym buddy can serve many functions. You can share lifts, you can compete for results, you can push each other forward, you can spot each other on weights, you can catch up about your week.

Having someone there to bounce ideas off makes the fitness experience more enjoyable, and when fitness becomes enjoyable and not laborious, that’s when you’ve turned a corner and no matter how tired you are, you simply want to exercise.

Keep a mood diary

Some people struggle for motivation because they see exercise as hard work, but they are quick to forget that they often come out of the gym feeling much better about themselves than when they went in.

Reflective behaviour is a key principle of many psychological techniques for wellness, and exercise is no exception.

By tracking moods in a diary, you will quickly see how much of a positive influence fitness is, you will notice negative traits so that you can eliminate them, and you will help you keep yourself accountable.

The power of variety!

Motivation to exercise when tired after travelling can come from a number of sources. One of our favourites is diversity. If the idea of going to your gym and doing a standard workout is not enough to raise your spirits, why not look at your other local options, perhaps lengths at the pool, a climbing centre, or a boot camp. Switching up your routine stops it becoming stagnant.

Use your brain for food, and the food will help your brain

This is three tips in one really, but it’s absolutely vital that you change your approach to food.

You should ditch junk food.

The chemical makeup of fast food and junk actually saps your energy and makes you more lethargic. It makes your stomach heavier, your head sleepier, and your body quite content to sit and binge Netflix.

Shop intelligently.

Next time you go to the supermarket, forget the crisps, the chocolate, the ready meals, the sugary sauces and all the other treats. Buy healthier food, more greens, more fresh produce, and more clean choices.

Meal plan.

Get some nutrition advice and find out what foods burn slower, giving you more energy over a longer period of time. This will reduce the feeling of being tired after travelling, making it easier to get in the gym.

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