How to get your fitness back on track after holiday

How to get your fitness back on track after holiday

How to get your fitness back on track after holiday

After a week of beaches, cocktails, three square meals in restaurants, lounging by the pool, and enjoying exotic snacks, you might just find that you’ve brought back a little bit of extra luggage from your holiday…

If that’s the case, you’re going to need to read this article and learn how to get your fitness back on track after holiday.

Get comfortable wearing your exercise outfit

To get back on track, you’re going to have to work twice as hard to get fighting fit again.

In order to make that happen, you’re going to have to do more exercise than before. That’s because now you’re playing catch up with your own fitness goals.

When you get home from work, have a change of clothes ready and waiting for you.

If you’re wearing your fitness gear, it’s way easier to break into a jog or do some floor exercises.

It can help with getting yourself to the gym for a fresh workout routine.

Get back into a routine as quickly as possible

Don’t let your holiday behaviour creep into your normal life. You’ve got to get your fitness back on track, and that means committing to a solid routine.

Try filling out your phone calendar and alarms to go off at the times when you think you will be free to work out.

The first fortnight after a holiday is absolutely pivotal and when you should be at your most ruthless with regards to fitness.

How to get your fitness back on track after holiday

Find someone who will kick you into shape

It might be a personal trainer, it must just be a gym buddy, but whoever you can get by your side to spur you on, they’re going to have a big difference.

They might be the difference between running 5km and 8km or doing 4 sets or 6.

As well as that, simply having someone there who you enjoy being around will help you create positive associative psychology with exercise.

Don’t let fitness become a chore.

Switch up your diet

The biggest reason people lose their fitness on holiday is that they lose sight of their diet, and by fuelling their bodies incorrectly, they feel lethargic. Here are three ways to kick that out of your life and welcome in some better methods.

Say adios to junk foods!

Goodbye fast food, goodbye sweets, goodbye fizzy drinks… These sugary foods do not give you the requisite energy for the level of intensity that you need when trying to get your fitness back on track.

Quite opposite, they will sap your energy levels.

How to get your fitness back on track after holiday

Eat more greens.

This may sound like we are trying to be a parent nagging their kid – ‘Eat more greens!’  The chances are, we would not succeed in getting more greens on your plate by simply saying that. Right?

But what if we told you that dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, rocket, and vegetables like broccoli, green beans, green and red peppers, leeks, courgettes or squash have the super powers of turning your body into a lean machine?

That’s right, these hero greens, when combined with high protein foods like chicken, fish or meat, can make your meals very efficient fat burners.

This is all to do with combining natural dosage of vitamin C from greens with protein rich foods. Your body may start producing a vitamin called L-karnitine.

L-karnitine is a clever compound stored in tiny cells of our muscles called mitochondria. Without mitochondria in your muscles, L-karnitine can’t do its fuel burning job. And here’s the important bit – the more you exercise (intensity workouts work better) the more of those fuel burning cells you’ll have in your muscles. The correlation is clear.

This process is important whatever your fitness goal – muscle gain or weight loss. But remember, always seek professional advice before taking on a new diet regime.

Plan your meals carefully.

If you want to see ‘gains’ or results, or simply want to get back to your pre-holiday figure, you’ll need to plan your meals to restrict calories, or increase protein, for example.

Remember though, always speak to a nutritionist if you’re unsure.

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