Lean Body Workout Ideas For That Perfect Summer Body Goal

Lean Body Workout Ideas For That Perfect Summer Body Goal

Lean Body Workout Ideas For That Perfect Summer Body Goal

Summer is not that far away. The clocks have changed, the days are getting longer, and the weather is perking up. With all of these seasonal changes, you might start feeling the urge to tone up before your summer holidays.

In this quick guide, we want to help you do just that…

Summer body workout plan? Run like you’ve got an upcoming marathon!

Marathon runners are fit, lean, and strong, so if that’s your aim, follow one of their running plans.

  • Pick a day each week when you typically have a large chunk of free time (usually this is at the weekend)
  • Start by jogging 3 miles, four times per week
  • Then jog 4 miles, four miles per week
  • Then jog 5 miles, four times per week – keep building up distance and pace
  • Introduce yoga and CrossFit to your marathon training plan
  • By month three, you should be comfortable running 40-50 miles per week, at which point, you’ll be feeling incredibly fit

How to get lean and toned in 14 days

If your summer is soon, or you’re taking a holiday in a couple of weeks, you might be considering doing a ‘2-week emergency shred’. This is going to involve:

  • Daily high-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Mixing cardio, upper body, and lower body workouts
  • Eating a calorie restricting diet
  • Finding a gym that has all of the equipment you need (Try the Squat app!)

Learn more here.

Lean summer body in just a month

Thirty-day fitness plans usually work on the concept of introducing an exercise and then increasing the quantity that you perform it each day. By the end of the month, the number of reps has got so high that you naturally have to be in a lot better shape to perform them.

Try mixing up some 30-day plans and seeing what works for you.

Here are some amazing 30-day plans that you can adapt to your needs.

Ultimate lifestyle change tips for summer body

  1. Drink more water
  2. Cut out sugary and milky drinks, as well as alcohol
  3. Sleep more
  4. Avoid junk food
  5. Cut out added sugar
  6. Increase your green veg consumption
  7. Eat a high protein breakfast
  8. Take the stairs not the elevator
  9. Do a few squats each time you stand up from your chair
  10. Exercise on your lunch break
  11. Dance at any opportunity!
  12. Do some home workouts from YouTube
  13. Prep your meals
  14. Find exercise/sport you enjoy doing

Walking tours

Open-top buses may be popular in a handful of well-known cities, but walking tours have really become all the rage. Slow things down, walk all over the city, enjoy a leisurely long walk up and down the sights, and allow long walks to become part of your fitness routine.

Eat real food, don’t travel-snack!

For those who take their fitness routine seriously, diet is a huge part of the lifestyle. It may be tempting to walk around a city and think ‘I’m a little bit hungry, I can grab a quick hot dog from this street vendor’, but it’s not a good idea. You will feel hungry again shortly after, you may even feel a bit lethargic, and you’re probably not fuelling your body as well as you should. Learn how to prepare your meals while you’re on the road so that your diet doesn’t suffer.

Do something different

For most travellers, going to new cities and countries means breaking out of their comfort zones and diving into the unknown. Perhaps this is why so many people find it hard to make fitness a part of their travels, as fitness is so ingrained in routine, and travel is somewhat the opposite. It doesn’t need to be that way. Fitness can and should be a feature of your travels.

You can take dance classes and learn the cultural moves, you can take part in Zumba and express yourself in foreign lands, you can rock climb in gyms, or you can enjoy some of the city’s excellent pools. If only there was an app that gave you access to all of these things, anywhere in the world.

Oh, did we mention there is an app for that? Try Squat today, no signup costs involved.

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